First Salted Caramel Mocha of the season - yes, I am one of those people, and no, I am not ashamed of it. I love coffee, and I love seasonal drinks, deal with it.


Wasn’t sure what filter to use, agh #instaProblems #nomakeup #selfie #naturalBeauty @daniellaciampa



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Holy crap that’s majestic!

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I just found my spirit animal.


I envy the look of pure content that my cat always seems to have.



I really really want to get to work on a story that has only lived in the minds of my friend Juliana and I. I feel the dark comedy would work best in comic form, but we can’t draw. I could novelize it. I tried to write out another story I had in mind in highschool, but it read like teen fiction. Would be great for sales, but not what I had imagined.

Adventures of Poor Whore. Purhaps if we gave her a name, things would be easier? juiceteacoffeephotoscats

The Adventures of Poor Whore: a dark-humour around a girls fast progression to a women, where life shows that it has other plans for one’s destiny.

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Isis’ sleeping has evolved #cat #sleep #video #nofilter #pet #isis #russian #blue #breed #cute #animal #tummy #flash

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Happy World Lion Day! In honor of this very special occasion, the members of Big Cat Network would like to encourage everyone to do what you can to help the plight of lions everywhere!

Here are some handy resources you can use to help:

Help with money

Donate to WWF India
Adopt through Lion Conservation Fund
Donate to Lion Conservation Fund
Donate to Build a Boma
Donate to Big Cats Initiative
Donate to Panthera
Adopt through Lion Guardians
Donate to Lion Guardians
Donate to Ruaha Carnivore Project
Donate to African Parks
Donate to Uganda Conservation Foundation
Donate to Ewaso Lions
Donate to Gorongosa Lion Project
Donate to/Adopt through The Lions of Gir Foundation - (Asiatic Lion Specific)
Donate to Niassa Lion Project
Donate to Uganda Carnivore Program
Donate to Lion Alert
Donate to Lion Aid
Donate to Rebuilding the Pride
Adopt through The AfriCat Foundation
Donate to The AfriCat Foundation
Donate to Conservation Lower Zambezi
Donate to Walking For Lions
Donate to Predator Conservation Trust
- Big Cat info for kids!

You can also donate to or adopt from your favorite sanctuary and/or accredited zoo!

Petitions to sign

- Save African lions from extinction by listing them as an endangered species!
- Save Lions Now TAKE ACTION!
- President of Kenya: Please Declare Poaching a - National Disaster (Gore warning)
Make Poaching of Endangered Animals an -Internationally Punishable Crime
Start your own petition!

Videos to watch

Desert Lion Conservation
- Lives of Lions

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Shark-Observing Robot Vs. Repeated Great White Shark Attacks

As fans of ‘Pacific Rim’ we endorse all combat between Robots and Aquatic Death Creatures.

Yes, Shark week!

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Food on a Stick: 11 Fresh Ways


1. Wedge Salad on a Stick: This quick and easy appetizer is and a great way to impress your guests! Perfect for picnics, too.

2. Beet Salad on a Stick: Impress your guests with this delicious bite-sized snack.

3. Greek Salad on a Stick: Bright, healthy, and…

There’s something about food being on a stick that just makes it so much more awesome

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